Welcome to The Food, Drink & Travel Report

For the last year and a half, I’ve been fortunate enough to write the Uncork Life blog for Wine Chateau. During that time, readers have had the chance to delve into the world of wine, with news, opinions, reviews, and the occasional shot of spirits coverage.
Starting today, however, I will re-focus my efforts on this brand new blog, The Food, Drink & Travel Report. My relationship with Wine Chateau is still intact in other regards, but The Report will be my own. And while readers can absolutely expect the same high level of reporting as they did at Uncork Life, the coverage here will be expanded to include spirits and beer, travel, commentary on new food and beverage books and films, and reviews of restaurants around the country and around the world (contingent on my travel schedule, of course). There will also be a significant video component here as well.
The Report will include more regular reviews--in fact, the majority of tasting notes that eventually end up in print or published by the various online media outlets to which I contribute will appear here first, with very few exceptions. My goal is to feature a specific recommended drink of the day with each post, no matter what that particular post is about, as well as a food-pairing suggestion. And while the majority of these recommendations will be wines, I hope to make The Report a place where spirit, beer, and occasionally cigar lovers also come for advice and information.
By way of disclosure, the majority of my tasting notes will be based on the press samples that nearly all writers rely on (my sample policy can be found on the right side of The Report’s home page), but some will be from the wine lunches and dinners I regularly attend, press trips, tastings I run on my own and with Wine Chateau, bottles that friends have pulled from their cellars, and more. The point is that everything is fair game for The Food, Drink & Travel Report, and as much as I can, I hope to make this site the online equivalent of my off-line eating, drinking, and traveling life.
That having been said, this site is not about me. The world is already overstuffed with blogs whose main focus is the person writing them, and I have no interest in joining their navel-gazing ranks. Rather, this is a site whose inspiration is the pleasure of the table, the joy of travel, and, occasionally, the intersection of the two. I’m lucky enough to make my living eating, drinking, and traveling, and The Food, Drink & Travel Report is my place to share that with you in a way that provides context, guidance, and education.