Video: Vine Grafting at Jordan

It’s virtually impossible to speak with a winemaker or vineyard manager and not hear some variation of the statement that great wine begins in the vineyard. I firmly believe this, too: Without excellent raw materials--appropriately ripe grapes grown in the correct vineyard, its moisture and crop cover and all the rest managed properly, and picked from vines that have had the chance to produce fruit for a number of years--there’s a limit to how successful you can expect your wine to be.
I bring this up because Jordan, whose wines I wrote about in recent articles in both Affluent Magazine and on, recently posted a fabulous video on their blog about vine grafting. As Jordan’s viticulturist Brent Young explains on the blog, “In May, we embarked on our first grapevine grafting project since completion of the Jordan Estate soil mapping study.” The video itself follows this process, and is a primer on “the farming technique of grafting, which allows a mature vineyard to produce quality grapes in far less time than replanting–and has significantly less environmental impact. Watch how these master craftsmen graft each vine, completely changing its flavor with a few cuts and incisions. In just two years, these vines will be bearing an entirely different variety of grapes than they did just last harvest.”
Take a look at the video below--it’s yet another in what has become a remarkable series produced by the team at Jordan--and make sure to follow their blog. It’s one of the best out there.