France and Germany

I spent last week in France, trying my best to impersonate a Russian oligarch or early-career JLo and drown myself in Champagne. A colleague and I were Reims, Epernay, and the surrounding areas on a tasting trip for a project that I can't tell you about quite yet. But needless to say, it wasn't a terrible way to spend a few days: We drank every style of Champagne produced, old bottles and young, enjoyed on their own and alongside epic meals. I'm still collating my notes (and translating the bubble-fuzzy handwriting from those late-evening tastings), but I'll be posting my findings and recommendations here in the coming weeks.

In the meantime, I thought I'd link up an article of mine (click here) that was recently published in The Good Life Report. It focuses on the non-Riesling wines of Germany--a category that's still unfamiliar to too many people, and that deserves far more attention than it ever really gets, especially this time of year as people struggle to decide what to pair with those tricky holiday-season menus.