Benziger Pinot Noir Twitter Tasting Tonight

Set your DVRs to record The Office tonight--it’s been dragging this season anyway--and tune in instead to the Benziger Pinot Noir Twitter tasting tonight at From 6pm - 7pm Pacific (9pm - 10pm Eastern), a group of wine journalists and bloggers, myself included, will be, as the invitation letter explains, “delving deep into the Pinot Noir program that winemaker Rodrigo Soto has nurtured for the past several years. From the different growing sites in coveted locales along the Sonoma Coast to the careful, methodical, yet non-interventionist approach that characterize the winemaking/growing regime, this tasting will reveal to you intricacies and nuances of Pinot Noir that you've never before experienced. We'll focus specifically on the 2009 vintage. Rodrigo will guide us, wine by wine, through his unique philosophy and vision, all the while answering your questions and addressing your thoughts.”
[Note: I’m not in the habit of pasting directly from emails or press releases I receive, but this one put it far more succinctly than I could have!]
I’ll be reporting back here tomorrow on the wines, with full tasting notes and a run-down of what was covered if you miss it tonight, but try to make a point of checking it out--these events are eye-opening, educational, and a whole lot of fun.