Domaine de la Tourmaline Muscadet Sevre et Maine 2010

The old myth that you should only eat oysters in the “r” months (September through April) has been disproven, but that still doesn’t stop way too many people from getting in their last mollusk hurrah this time of year, before the heat of May throws the oysters’ freshness into question--however unnecessarily.
If you fall into this group, or if you just love fresh seafood--or, for that matter, if you simply like honest, well-crafted wine that’s distinctly expressive of a thoroughly unique place--then you owe it to yourself to check out the excellent Domaine de la Tourmaline Muscadet Sèvre et Maine “Sur Lie” 2010 from Gadais Père & Fils. It embodies everything that fans of Muscadet love so much, and then some.
Produced with respect for the environment from vines that are approximately 40 years old, and aged on its lees for six months, this charming white is as fresh and clean-lined as it gets, with minerals and a hint of lemon on the nose, as well as a touch of creaminess that softens it all up. On the palate, leesy flavors of lemon and crunchy green apple frame the mineral spine and delicately tongue-tickling texture. Steely and a touch briny, and finishing with a so-subtle-you-could-miss-it hint of flowers, this screams out for a plateful of ice-cold oysters. Or just a pool to sit beside. That would work, too.