Some Chicken with Your Benadryl?

Add this one to your mental file marked "Why Big Ag Has Gone Crazy:" In today's New York Times, Nicholas Kristof writes about recently published studies that seem to imply that the majority of the chicken we eat in this country is contaminated with everything from arsenic to banned antibiotics to acetaminophen. The National Chicken Council has responded with this statement.

First "pink slime," now this. How is this not a major priority for our political leaders?

Actually, it is...kind of. The so-called "Beefstate Governors," at least, are fighting the (not-so-) good fight, as highlighted in this clip from The Colbert Report this week.

Cynical on their part? Absolutely. The result of our collective blind trust in the industrial food industry to do the right thing? Yep, that too.

Maybe this will be our wake-up call.