Announcing CityDrinks on CityEats

CityEats, powered by the Food Network, is the newest resource for serious food-lovers to find a restaurant, learn everything you’d ever want to know about it, and book a table--all in one place. I’ll be contributing to this and will post links here regularly.
And yesterday, they launched CityDrinks, my weekly column on The Plate on CityEats Philly about all things imbibable. This first post is about seasonally-perfect saison beer--the ins, the outs, and where to find it here in Philadelphia. Next week and beyond? Who knows: Could be wine, could be spirits, could be something else entirely. That’s the beauty of it: It’ll feature the sorts of things we all love to drink, or should be drinking, with no real limits beyond the fact that the subject of each week’s coverage will be fermented and delicious. (I'll make sure to link it all up here as well each week.)
And just because CityDrinks is on CityEats Philly doesn’t mean it’s limited to this city. The recommendations for where to find these potent potables (thank you, Alex Trebek!) may be Philadelphia-centric, but the information itself isn’t. Whether you’re based in Toledo or Tel Aviv, there’ll be good recommendations for you.
So check back often, keep and open mind and palate, and raise a glass of the good stuff. We’ll help you find it.