The Back-from-Vacation Article Update

I’m back from vacation in South Carolina, and seriously backed up in my coverage here: Dozens of tasting notes, articles, news reports, and more. And I’m leaving again later this week, on a trip to Oaxaca, Mexico, where I’ll be focusing on mezcal but also collecting notes on the food, culture, and various travel considerations there right now. (Later in the month, I’ll be tasting Bourbon in Kentucky and then, in September, heading to Italy. Lots of ground to cover, both literally and figuratively.) I’ll be collating all of this over the next several days and weeks, and playing catch-up here, but for now, here are the links to articles and columns of mine that have run recently.

On CityDrinks, at CityEats Philly, I wrote about summertime cocktails that take advantage of fresh herbs--does that make them healthy? Man, I hope so...--and a piece on some of my favorite tequila-based cocktails in town.

And beginning this week, I’ll be contributing to Citysearch as one of Philadelphia’s local scouts. Make sure to click over to their new “About Us” video that explains the significant changes they’ve made recently, and why, in a world overwhelmed with unreliable, crowd-sourced faux-reviews, Citysearch is such a fantastic, reliable resource, no matter what you’re looking for.