Monday Update

Just a few Monday article and video updates--some by me, some by others, all of them perfect for procrastinating from your actual work on a Monday afternoon.

Last week, in my CityDrinks column on CityEats, I discussed flavored spirits and liqueurs with a focus on the excellent Grand Marnier Cherry and Tap 357, a maple rye whiskey from Canada. Both are delicious on their own or as components in cocktails. Click here for more.

This week’s episode of Hungry In takes you to San Francisco’s Mission District. Just make sure to watch this show before you’ve eaten, because afterward, regardless of how big a meal you had beforehand, you’ll want to run out and dive into a plate of chilaquiles immediately. Best to do that on an otherwise empty stomach.

Also this week on Citysearch, make sure to check out my new Guide: "Proof that great dining (and not just weekend drunkenness) is alive and well in Old City."

Now that we’re in the heart of apple season, Slate has a phenomenal flow-chart to help you navigate the increasingly baroque world of shopping for them this time of year. Just yesterday, at my local farmers market, I picked up Stayman Winesaps, Fujis, Jonagolds, and a variety that the farmer told me was a 400-year-old heirloom. Click here for the chart, and, I think, a sense of clarity.

Finally, my wine of the day is the Spelletich Cellars Merlot Reserve 2006 from Napa Valley. An utterly gorgeous nose, bursting with black cherry, cassis, blackberry, eucalyptus, grilled poblano pepper, chocolate, Middle Eastern spices, and espresso, turns to full-throttle flavors of black cherry, blackberry, spice cake, black vinegar, and espresso grinds. Serious tannins and well-balanced acidity promise another decade and a half of evolution, but you could drink it now with a solid stint in the decanter. The beguiling licorice- and black-tea-tinged finish keeps you going back for more, and will stay with you for a long time. This is fantastic. Drink now - 2026.