Spirit of the Day: Balblair Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky

As whiskey (and whisky) continues to gain larger followings in this country and around the world, I’ve seen a wider range of unique bottlings than I ever have before. This one, from Balblair, is a gem: Vintage-dated, which makes it great for all sorts of commemorative gift-giving and celebrating--my daughter, for example, was born in 2010, and you better believe I’ll be stocking up on the “Distilled in 2010” bottling when it’s finally released--and a joy to drink. It’s a delicious, delicate dram with enough complexity to satisfy more cerebral sippers, yet also approachable enough to serve as a perfect house pour. I’ve been tucking into this one with regularity ever since receiving the sample, and am not looking forward to the day (soon, sadly) that I finally empty the bottle...

Distilled in 2000, Bottled in 2010, 1st release
Light in color, almost like hay. On the nose, aromas of honey-creme, toffee, and candied pecans lead to exceptionally delicate flavors of honey tuille, hints of candied apple, pear, and a touch of candied lemon peel. With water, this opens up to reveal aromas of warm cinnamon bun and flavors of even more assertive honey, cut with a hint of peppercorn spice. Lovely single malt; highly recommended.