"Hungry In...Philadelphia" and an Albarino Ambassadorship

A couple of big announcements today. First, the Philadelphia episode of the Hungry Channel’s “Hungry In,” powered by Citysearch, is live. I take viewers on a tour of all the best meat and cheese in Philly, and not a single cheese steak is mentioned. Watch it by clicking here, and then, afterward, click the thumbs-up “like” button, forward it to everyone you know, subscribe to it, buy a billboard on I-95 promoting it...that sort of thing!

Also, the Albarino Explorer’s Club, which works to promote, and educate consumers and professionals about, the great white wine of Rias Baixas in north western Spain, has recently named me their first American Ambassador. That means that I’ll be heading to Rias Baixas in a few months and then hosting tastings, dinners, and events across America in 2013. Hopefully I’ll get to your town along the way! Click here for my introductory interview.