Recommended Tasting: In Pursuit of Balance 2014

Tomorrow—Tuesday, February 5th—one of the most anticipated tastings of the year will be happening in New York: In Pursuit of Balance 2014. It will feature 31 producers, all of which, according to the web site, are “seeking a different direction with their wines, both in the vineyard and the winery. This direction focuses on balance, non-manipulation in the cellar, and the promotion of the fundamental varietal characteristics which make pinot noir and chardonnay great – subtlety, poise and the ability of these grapes to serve as profound vehicles for the expression of terroir.” Top-tier producers like Kutch, Calera, Sandhi, and more will be there, single-handedly challenging what you thought you knew about California Pinot and Chardonnay.

I’ll be attending and will be reporting back over the next several weeks and months, but if you haven’t purchased tickets yet, I’d strongly recommend doing so. (There's also a San Francisco event coming up in March.) It promises to be a fantastic opportunity to taste some of the best that Pinot and Chardonnay have to California or anywhere else. Click here for tickets.