To my surprise, I recently learned that Affluent Magazine, a publication I have neither contributed to nor had any contact with in approximately two years, has re-published in their March/April 2014 issue a Champagne column of mine I wrote in 2012. Please know that my consent was not requested and I had no prior knowledge of this re-publication.

Since the article is two years old, I can no longer vouch for the accuracy of the tasting notes in there, as wines do evolve. Also, Affluent included the line "Maybe that'll be my resolution for 2014 and beyond..." seemingly in order to make it appear as if I had written this recently. I did not. To add injury to insult, the editors included my original dedication of the column to my grandfather, who passed away in February 2012. I am hurt, shocked, embarrassed and dumfounded by their action. Please recognize the article is now dated and should not be used as a basis for purchasing or evaluating the wines referenced therein. I regret I must advise any reader to now disregard an article I originally wrote but hope you all understand this is not a situation of my making. Please also know that any further appearance of my by-line in the pages of Affluent, or of my name on the masthead, is being done without my permission.