Weekend Reading

Some articles to read this weekend when you’re not hunkered down on the couch watching the Playoffs or--let’s be honest here--all three hours of the American Idol tryouts you recorded Wednesday and Thursday night. In which case, you’ll need to hop off the computer and head to your nearest liquor store for a liter-sized bottle of Wild Turkey.
Check out this week’s Good Life Report for tips on how to spend the sober part of your weekend if you’ll be in the Bay Area for the NFL Playoffs. You’ll also want to look at my review of the Shafer “Relentless” 2008, a Syrah - Petite Sirah beauty that will take away all the pain of your team losing, if, in fact, they do.
The current issue of John Mariani’s Virtual Gourmet features a great piece on what’s happening in Brussels right now, as well as a rundown of the most classically New York restaurants in The City. (Note: If you have a table at Rao’s, and an extra seat available, please let me know. I’ve never been, and will pay for the meal if invited. Just in case you were wondering...)
If you’re in the wine business, you’ve probably already started getting your press releases and invites to the various en primeur tastings and events around it this coming April. If you’re going, take a look at James Molesworth’s helpful guide to restaurants in Bordeaux right here. To his list I’d also add La Tupina. They start you off with a basket of fried duck skin. Few things in this world are better than that.